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Terms and Conditions

It is the buyer's responsibility that the correct tyres are purchased for the vehicle and its usage. Westgate Tyres accept no responsibility for any external source of information, or third party recommendation.

No goods will be considered purchased unless the order confirmation e-mail has been sent and payment taken from a credit or debit card and/or withdrawn from a Paypal account.

Goods remain the property of Westgate Tyres until full payment is received. No goods shall be sent until payment is received. Responsibility for goods passes on delivery, and or associated fitting station.

If Westgate Tyres cannot fill the order it will be entitled to cancel the order. A full refund will be given.

Goods shall only be sent to address of a desired authorised fitting station in the case of a fitting service or the address supplied by the customer if mail order service.

It is the buyer's responsibility to provide proper and accurate information in respect to the address given. The buyer agrees to indemnify Westgate Tyres in the result of any further charges incurred to incorrect address leading to non delivery. Westgate Tyres reserves the right to dispose and reclaim costs resulting from the above.

Westgate Tyres can not be held liable for any damaged caused by incorrect fitting procedures. Any problems arising from incorrect fitting practices is the sole responsibility of the preferred fitting station.

Buyer's signature or representatives of the buyer's signature on the delivery sheet will constitute proof of delivery.

Any problems with any of our goods arising from incorrect use i.e. overloading, circuit use on road tyres, tyre being run flat - Westgate Tyres cannot be considered liable.

All parties agree that any defect with the tyres must be examined by the manufacturer; no refund will be given until the manufacturer has fully inspected the tyre. The manufacturer's decision is final.

The tyre can be returned to customer after the manufacturer has inspected said tyre, and agree if it is a manufacturers fault or driving fault a full refund will only be given if manufacturing fault. The buyer is responsible for all delivery costs incurred.

Where the consumer protection (distance selling) regulations 2000 apply the contract between buyer and Westgate Tyres can be cancelled within 7 days, providing that the goods have been unused and remain in the same condition as when despatched. It is the buyer's responsibility to cover all additional costs of delivery. No delivery will be accepted without prior written notification to Westgate Tyres.

Cancellations and refunds in any other situations are at Westgate Tyres discretion.

Any situation resulting in a pricing error on our behalf, the buyer will be contacted immediately, and given the opportunity of continuing the order at the correct price or cancelling the order. If customer cannot be reached the order will be cancelled.

If you have selected a preferred fitting date it can only be used for guidance, Westgate Tyres cannot guarantee this date and cannot be held liable for any delayed fitting.

These terms and conditions govern the contract between buyer and Westgate Tyres all other refits are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Should any of these terms and conditions be held unenforceable in whole or part then the remainder will remain valid.

This contract is governed by the prevailing law in England and Wales.

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  • 3 Bars : Premium Tyre. The ideal choice for high performance cars and high mileage drivers - maximum grip and safety!
  • 2 Bars : Standard Tyre. An ideal replacement tyre for most modern cars. Good all round performance with a safe level of grip on all surfaces
  • 1 Bar : Budget Tyre. For the price conscious, budget tyres are fine for normal road use with a compromise on top end grip - ideal for the average small and medium car
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